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Rajine The Queen Artistry _1 (1).jpeg

Rajine the Queen Artistry

Rajine Williams is a multimedia Interdisciplinary artist based in the Twin Cities. Her work centers around femininity, body, and identity of Black women. She is well known for her creative 3D paintings and her colorful art prints. 


Purchase on their website.

Tella Productions

Tella Productions is selling their book, Adjusting My Crown, a combination of poems that travel through love, heartbreak, healing and recovery. Visit their website for information on their work around creating inclusive artist spaces.

Purchase via Amazon

Tha Horny Housewife_1.jpg

Tha Horny Housewife

Tha Horny Housewife wants everybody to experience and enjoy pleasure and being pleasured- sometimes that starts with the right words. Her cards are $5 and also come in sets of 4 or 5 and are available to mix and match. Custom work starts at $40.

DM her via Instagram or email her at to purchase.

Imani M Photography_2.jpg

Imani M Photography

Freelance photographer from Minneapolis who sells prints of their work. They also do portrait photography.


Customers interested in portraits can book a free photo consultation here.



YO MAMA LLC is selling art, note cards, cloth dolls, baby clothes, candles, and other household products. They also have their book, Missing Mama: My Story of Loss, Sorrow and Healing, their other written works (including play The Angry Black Woman & Well Intentioned White Girl) for sale.


 Purchase on their website. 

Watch the trailer for her play (available for purchase) here.

Ron Brown_1.jpg

Art of Ron Brown

For Ron, art is as essential as food and water; it is his stress relief from the daily grind. He is traditionally an illustrator, and uses all mediums to ease stagnation-watercolor, oil painting, multimedia, music, fashion design, and the use of recycled material- all of which continue to take him outside the proverbial box.


Purchase on their Etsy page.


Lynea’s Golden Illustrations

Lynea’s Golden Illustrations is a combination of her love for anime and her passion for telling stories about her life through drawing. Creating ever since she can remember, 13-year-old Lynea visions an online store in her future where people can appreciate and buy originals, prints, buttons, posters, and all things Golden & Illustrated.

DM her via Instagram to purchase.

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